Out on Bancamp now “NOT IN MY FUTURE: A Tribute to Genesis Breyer P-Orridge”

Out on Bancamp now “NOT IN MY FUTURE: A Tribute to Genesis Breyer P-Orridge”
Honored to have humbly contributed to this amazing Genesis P-Orridge tribute comp, available now on Bandcamp (and later on 2LP or CD). There are some amazing musicians involved in this magical invocation so be sure to give it a listen!
Infinite gratitude to Chandra Shukla (Xambuca/Erototox) without whom this celestial jewel would not be ❤
Proceeds to go to Gen’s Estate/Archive
Acid Mothers Temple, Alice Genese & Jeff Berner & John Washington, Bill Loner, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Caleigh Fisher, Carl Abrahamsson & Vanessa Sinclair, Genesis P-Orridge, David J (Bauhaus), Elisa Faires & The Kazoomy Love Guns, Firth, German Autumn, Gates Ov Fire, In2aO, The Great Masturbator, Lux Vibratus, Marc Hurtado & Mark Cunningham, MEE, Michael Cashmore, Nanavesh (Kevin Thorne), Nico Guerrero, post doom romance, SIGILLUM S, Irrawaddy River of Spirits, Steven Johnson LEYBA, Surrealist Temple Band, Tom Banger, Tricksters Treat, Val Denham, We Be Echo, X A M B U C A & Ego Death, Susan Atkins
Chandra Shukla: “The last words ever uttered in message to us by Gen basically saying s/he wouldn’t be around to see many of the plans we had wanted to do together materialize, realizing what was left of h/er life (L-IF-E).
A fitting title for what is now that inevitable future. So as friends of h/ers we offer this final send off in honor of h/er and Lady Jaye. 🙂
A very special thanks to the Estate of Gen’s run by none other than thee Angels Ov Light themselves, Caresse and Genesse who have graciously allowed for us to use the “Tongue Kiss” image and Gen’s name/P-Cross as an officially recognized tribute.
Proceeds to go to Gen’s Estate/Archive.”