DARK INDICATOR II – a collection of guitar & string drones

DARK INDICATOR II – a collection of guitar & string drones
Second collection of dark, distorted guitar and other string drones for those into doom, power ambient and drone metal with an experimental edge.
“I was listening to this album again this morning to make sure the tracks all sounded OK and was struck by the amazing flow of material.Not to brag but we think this compilation will really appeal to drone-stans into drone/doom metal, power ambient, experimental guitar drone & dark sputtering distorted guitar work.
The lineup is stellar making this comp the perfect soundtrack for autumnal activities.
Available now on via the usual streaming storefronts Google/YouTube, Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and 240+ other digital storefronts worldwide.
and on Bandcamp of course.
Kim Cascone.

Purchase:   Available in HQ MP3, FLAC, & ALAC

Release:      October 23, 2020

Duration:   79:46


  1. CZLT – Junkyard: Chapter Zero   08:36
  2. Gerard Pape – Cello, Double Cello (for Jean Baptiste)   08:21
  3. Glenn Weyant – Mictlantecuhtli   10:06
  4. Kawabata Makoto – The Dark Side of the Moon River   11:52
  5. Khem One – Heliodronus   06:18
  6. New Age Doom – When Even The Nothing You Had Was Taken Away   07:32
  7. Nico Guerrero – Horus Rising   09:49
  8. Rhys Chatham – Slow Rotation Suggesting Permanence   08:30
  9. Six Steps Above the Earth – Darkness Always Comes First   08:42