New album out today: Nico Guerrero Live at the Nordic House Reykjavik

New album out today: Nico Guerrero Live at the Nordic House Reykjavik

Recorded in November 2018 during the AIRWAVES Reykjavik Festival, a highlight of the Icelandic music scene, this album captures the furious whirlwinds of fire that Nico invokes on stage with his sole electric guitar and alchemical filters, transforming celestial chords into abstract organ clusters for a magickal wedding of harmonics.

The performance was curated by the Nordic House Reykjavik for the Nordic Intimate Sessions and consists of 54 minutes of brand new compositions, including a ” ghost track” in the CD version.

The album is produced by Nico Guerrero for “Le Chant des Egrégores”. The limited edition CD Digipack 6 panels is avalaible in Iceland (Mengi, 12 Tonar…), in France (bandcamp for CD, record shops), abroad, and also via the usual streaming storefronts Google/YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and 240+ other digital storefronts worldwide.

You can order the album now on bancamp!



All musics written, composed and performed by Nico Guerrero
Recorded at the Nordic House Reykjavik, Nov.9.2018
During the Nordic Intimate Sessions, Iceland Airwaves festival 2018
Curated by Arnbjörg Maria Danielsen
Produced by Nico Guerrero for Le Chant des Egrégores
Live sound by Darri Sigurvin Magnusson
Mastered at Scories Studio, Feb. 2019, Paris
Covert art : Xetrov
Thanks to Ragnheidur Elisabet (Mengi), Wukash, Ragnar Tournarie & Charles E.


Purchase:   Available in CD & Digital

Release:      September 01, 2019

Duration:    54:21 (CD) | 42:52 (digital)


  1.  Clepsydra   09:12
  2.  Blackburn   06:45
  3.  Montagne Inquiétante   09:53
  4.  Ekpyrosis   08:32
  5.  A Cold Cell   08:30
  6.  Materiae Melancholia (Hidden track on CD)  11:29