100 Guitars | the Rhys Chatham Ensemble @ Le Havre, June 23. 2018

100 Guitars | the Rhys Chatham Ensemble @ Le Havre, June 23. 2018
FLAMME D’ALBAN HEFIN – for 100 electric guitars


From 11 p.m. to midnight

As part of his creation for Un Été au Havre 2018, the composer surrounds himself with a team made up of Jean-François Pauvros and Nico Guerrero, section heads, as well as a technical director, Pascal Bence.

What could be better than a “druidic” tribute all in electric guitars to accompany the Carabosse Company’s “Installation de Feu” and to celebrate the summer solstice as it should be! In any case, this is the idea of ​​Rhys Chatham, a New York musician and composer, fan of minimalist music and orchestras of plethoric guitars. With Flamme d’Alban Hefin for 100 Electric Guitars, he rejuvenates underground rock of the 70s by giving it a more contemporary sound. And what a sound! Imagine over 100 amateur guitarists, all playing the same music, repeated the day before and the same day, standing in the sand. This little miracle for guitars and amps would not have been possible without the help of the CEM in Le Havre, which worked to find the musicians. As original as it is new, this ephemeral set will set the beach on fire, reviving with a pinch of strings the pagan and festive embers of Saint John’s Day.

An opening night hosted by Kitty Hartl.


photos by Jean-Luc Nail and Didier Gueston