Streams of Oblivion


Silent Records

New studio album OUT NOW “Streams of Oblivion”, 7 instrumental compositions for 2 to 5 electric guitars, summoning drones dedicated to the Icelandic telluric forces, volcanoes, entities, ghosts and deities… RELEASE JUNE 25 2021!
“Metaphysical drones for metaphysical people. A collection of evasive shadowy textures, deeply meditative but with an edge, less flower more thorn… Composer Nico Guerrero uses his guitar as a divining rod to bring spirits over from the other side.” Kim Cascone
For now only available on Spotify & Silent Records.
All musics composed and performed by Nico Guerrero
Recorded in Reykjavik, Iceland, winter 2021
Mixed and mastered in Paris at Scories Studio, March-April 2021
Gear: Gibson Les Paul guitar, electric prepared guitars, electronic filters, Poly 800 II drone (tracks 1-6)
Produced by Nico Guerrero
Artwork: “A Black Wax Cenotaph (for Vladimir Vernadsky)” by Wladd Muta
  • Digital (hq) / Available on Silent Records & all usual digital storefronts worldwide
  • Limited edition Digipack deluxe CD / October 2021 on sale only during concerts

Release: June 25. 2021 (for the digital release)

Label: Silent Records

Duration: 59:01


  1.  The Great Resonator   04:51
  2.  Isis Land   09:26
  3.  Streams of Oblivion   15:36
  4.  Mammon’s World   04:45
  5.  Snaefell King   07:35
  6.  Agartha   02:30
  7.  Materiae Melancholia   14:16


Thanks to: Charles E., Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Eliane Radigue, Arthur Geffroy, Djamel Djellouli, Wladd Muta, Rhys Chatham, Isabelle Forestier, Aima Lichtblau, Pascal Régis, William Basinski, Natascha Plum, Jaz Coleman, Yann Gonzalez, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Chandra Shukla, SOMA, Gisèle Vienne, Kajan, Edgar Cabrita, Leandro Barzabal, Nicolas Kunysz, Ragnheiđur Elísabet, Didier Gueston, Jean-Philippe Marchand, Ragnar Tournarie, Denis Rd, Walrus and Les Instants Chavirés (Paris), Mengi and 12 Tónar (Reykjavik), William Buhlman, Maxime Garault, Béatrice Carnejac, Alan Vega, Angelos Petroutsas, Guillaume Favroult, Tito Arnaudi, Haziel Haziel, David Lynch, Monica Calanni Rindina, Luca Valisi, Sweet Mom and Family, Absent loved ones and those in the Future, not yet loved and lost.

Special thanks to Kim Cascone.

“Depuis des milliers d’années, les rivières coulent. Ce sont les enfants de la mer qu’elles n’ont pas encore vue.”