Live Sessions



Founder of Lowercase Nights and co founder of Lady Boy Records, Nicolas Kunysz is a Belgian musician & designer living in Reykjavik since 2009. He has become a force in the Icelandic music scene. Known for his immersive soundscapes, his music takes place in the realm of warm ambient drone & electro acoustic.

Nicolas and Nico met in 2015 at the Mengi venue, a must-see in Reykjavik where the heart of an immensely creative and experimental musical community beats. They quickly rehearsed and performed together, intuitively creating hypnagogic and timeless music.

  • Nicolas Kunysz : field recordings, magnetic tapes & electro acoustic manipulations. & electric guitar
  • Nico Guerrero : electric guitar & filters

Tracks composed by Nicolas Kunysz and Nico Guerrero


Duration: 2 h 16 m 05 s


  1.  The Croft – live at Stofan, Reykjavik, Iceland [19.07. 16]   75:06
  2.  The Tilling –  live (excerpt) at Stofan, Reykjavik, Iceland [25.10.16]   43:04
  3.  As If She Were Cut Glass – improvisation Session, Reykjavik, Iceland  [06.04.18]   18:40

Videos: Excerpt from a live session at Stofan, Reykjavik, 19.07.2016 — In loving memory of Alan Vega —