Live at the Nordic House – The Nordic Intimate Sessions


Le Chant des Egrégores

It is solo here that we find Nico Guerrero for an album recorded in live conditions at the Nordic House in Reykjavik on Nov. 9, 2018.

“Totally inspired by the cold atmosphere of Iceland, this album also pays homage to two essential artists: Coil, first, with a cover of “A Cold Cell” and the singer-songwriter Nico, whose specter is felt to barely veiled on “Clepsydra”. From this first title, we are also blown away by the amplitude of the sound – we must not forget that Nico Guerrero is alone in producing everything that we hear. The guitar, processed by numerous electronic filters, creates a very dense space, rich in harmonies. It can also come close to the organ and in this recalls the very recognizable playing of Justin Jones (And Also The Trees). It becomes a wall of echoes, sometimes cold and incantatory (“Clepsydra”), sometimes more epic and landscaping (“Blackburn”) or darker and threatening (“Montagne Inquiétante”). The pinnacle is reached with the piece of bravery, “Materiae Melancholia”, which closes the journey, evoking the devastation and always this persistence of the cold, again and again.

Cold ambient could be a good term to define this sound. At times, we also think of the Robin Guthries’s guitars from Cocteau Twins (“Ekpyrosis”) and the chant could be a hallucinated shoegaze version of Dominique A (“Montagne Inquiétante”). The whole is deep, close to the ceremonial, both abstract and emotional. We are therefore surprised when the applause rings out, bringing us back to a tangible reality. Nico Guerrero arrives at a certain gigantic sound with ultimately a fairly minimalist instrumentation. Hats off for this beautiful melancholy trip.”

Mäx Lachaud / OBSKÜRE Digital Media, Dark Music Kultüre & more [Nov. 2 2019]


Purchase:   Available in CD & Digital

Release:      September 01, 2019

Duration:    54:21 (CD) | 42:52 (digital)


  1.  Clepsydra   09:12
  2.  Blackburn   06:45
  3.  Montagne Inquiétante   09:53
  4.  Ekpyrosis   08:32
  5.  A Cold Cell   08:30
  6.  Materiae Melancholia (Hidden track on CD)  11:29