Haiku Irregolari in Forma di Musica / Aimaproject


Show Me Your Wounds Production

“Haiku irregolari in forma di musica” contains 11 songs made by various artists, with the vocals of AimA and based on her poems collected in the homonym book.

Each poem and song is accompanied by an illustration in the book and each song is a collaboration between AimA and a respective artist :
Evor Ameisie for NG, Gerhall Hardstatt, Nico Guerrero, Marco Milanesio for 9cento9, Vincenzo Auteri feat. Dither Craf, Arthur Geffroy, Kaiser Julianus Apostata for Wutanes Heer, Marcel Runde, Annamaria Bernadette Cristian, Rossano Fortunali and iNsCissorS.
All the lyrics by AimA (Aimaproject) are taken from her book of poems: “Haiku irregolari in forma di musica” (Agorà & CO. edizioni, Lugano 2018), translated from italian to english by Giovanni Pieri e Giulio Viano.

Illustrations of the book & CD Artwork by Diego Cinquegrana.
Mastered by Marco Milanesio O.F.F. Recording Studio, Torino.

Limited Edition 100, + CD
Release:      August 30. 2018
Duration:    52:02
  1.  Wutanes Heer – Trasmutazione dell’albero cuore   07:00
  2.  iNsCissorSInvocazione a Sparta   06:35
  3.  Marco Milanesio – Autunno   05:01
  4.  Vinz Aquarian – Le ore silenziose   04:40
  5.  Northgate – Coldness   03:41
  6.  Gerhard Hallstatt – Agonia   04:16
  7.  Arthur Geffroy – À rebours   02:31
  8.  Miel Noir – Disgregazione temporale   03:52
  9.  Nico Guerrero – En To Pan   04:09
  10.  Annamaria Bernadette Christian, Aimaproject, Marco Milanesio – Lux   03:04
  11.  Annamaria Bernadette Christian, AimaprojectHaiku irregolari in forma di musica   08:13